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WDU Ski Patrol requires a high standard of first aid proficiency to be maintained by its members at all times. This is done by continually training both our new and current volunteer ski patrollers.

The Patrol also seeks out specialized training, courses and certificates to promote best practices among the membership and to provide a range of skills upon which the organization can build. Sometimes, the specialized training opportunities can be offered to the public as well as patrol with the aim to promote winter and outdoor safety.图片管理--banner列表

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  1. To serve the public without fee or charge in the rescue and first aid treatment of injured skiers and other visitors to alpine areas.
  2. To serve the public by establishing and promoting alpine management and recreational safety standards in alpine areas.
  3. To establish and maintain uniform standards for the operation and conduct of its members.
  4. To serve the public by establishing and maintaining uniform first aid training and examination courses for and on behalf of its members.
  5. To assist and act as an adviser to any person or organisation with an interest in the establishment or promotion of alpine safety standards or in the training standards.局部内容--文字模块